Metallised encapsulant for silicon PV modules

ARENA-funded project Metallised encapsulant for silicon PV modules: A path to reduced LCOE for PV (current)

The Australian National University (ANU) is partnering with the ARENA-funded research project led by Assoc. Prof. Alison Lennon at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

The project will develop an innovative module fabrication technology where conductors are directly electroformed in laser-structured encapsulant surfaces. The developed technology can increase module fabrication flexibility, with manufacturers able to purchase pre-fabricated metallised encapsulant for module lamination. The project aims to reducing the levelised cost of electricity of silicon photovoltaics by: (i) using low-cost materials; (ii) increasing efficiency through elimination of cell busbars and introducing high aspect ratio conductors; and (iii) increasing module reliability by reducing stress induced through the use of interconnecting wires and ribbons.

ANU is collaborating on the optical modelling and laser structuring research.


This project receives $1.16m ARENA funding with a total project volume of $5.59m.

Dr Marco Ernst team at ANU receives $180k for their research activities.


ANU project website

ARENA project website

Mon Jan 1, 2018

Metallised encapsulant for silicon PV modules