Student and Collaboration Opportunities

I am always looking for talented and motivated candidates for my research team. If you are looking for

  1. One of the world's leading renewable energy institutes that hosts you and you already have a scholarship sponsor;
  2. Research collaborations;
  3. Both admissions and support scholarships (you need excellent academic/industrial performance);
  4. All other opportunities.

Please contact me directly. There are positions for all levels (Honors/Master/PhD/Post-Docs).

Research Topics

Available research topics include:

  • Development and characterisation of laser processes for high-efficiency solar cells
  • Design and improvement of characterization methods for process analysis
  • Optical and electrical modelling of silicon solar cells and modules
  • Solar radiation and spectral modelling

ANU offers

  • A friendly work environment in a motivated, globally leading group in solar cell and module research
  • State-of-the-art research facilities
  • An opportunity to realize your own ideas

People of any gender are welcome to apply. To remove any unconscious gender-bias, please submit your application with abbreviated first name, without photograph and any other gender-identifying information.

Thu Jun 27, 2019

Student and Collaboration Opportunities Characterisation of laser processes High-efficiency solar cell research Realistic optical modelling of solar modules Laser processing for high-efficiency solar cells